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...a news feature from MARK RADCLIFFE himself!Mark Radcliffe

"Greetings once again folking boat-people and welcome back to another weekend of high-end revelry and lock-side debauchery! I'm proud to be associated with this great little festival once again and the sense of privilege that I feel at headlining the first night is probably only matched by your collective sigh of 'Oh no...not them again!'

For The Family Mahone, Middlewich is one of the first dates we put in our diaries, and is often one of the last as well due to the fact that we don't get many bookings. Still, it would be hard for other festivals to truly live up to the full-on Middlewich experience. It's one of the pint-sized, pint-swilling gems of the British summer calendar and is a vital component of the music scene in this part of the world. Times have sometimes been difficult for the hardy souls who keep the festival running and they should be congratulated for putting together another strong line-up (Mahones notwithstanding) under trying conditions. Personally, it's a great pleasure to be able to welcome our good friends Ade Edmondson and The Bad Shepherds to this year's proceedings.

So, enjoy the weekend, keep the kids away from the lock gates, appreciate the music and, if you see a stray Mahone...buy them a pint. With deepest affection and affectation, Mark Radcliffe. Now...this one's a drinking song ..."