There are two picture galleries for the Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival — one for the official MFAB photographers, Pen & Tone; the other for invited guests and currently featuring the work of Cliff Astles only ...

We would like to encourage others as there must have been thousands of pics taken at festivals over the years — there are some criteria that need to be met though if you wish to have your own gallery space/albums like Cliff's. For starters you need to be willing to have them published on the site; then you need to be able to supply a reasonable quantity of top-quality pics rather than an odd one or two.

If you have only a small few however, I would welcome you contact me and offer them — I will build an album of collective contributors' work if necessary!

Please, I need any images offered to be of fairly high resolution, well-exposed and SHARP! Camera-phone pics are rarely suitable, as one example ...

If you haven't made the transition to digital photography (yet) but have some really decent 35mm photographic negatives or slides from the past, I possess a scanner for both, so if you're willing to post them to me on a loan basis (and yes, you will get them back), I'd love to give you a chance to have them considered for publishing.

If you have questions to ask or suggestions to make, you are always welcome to email us from the Contact Us menu, but also please consider registering to use the free forum and join in — your literary contributions are extremely welcome!

If you'd like to praise or comment in short-form, please consider making an entry in our Guestbook — messages are held for moderation before being posted and I'm sure you'll understand this is a wise policy, albeit a little frustrating when you're unable to review what you've written, immediately!