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Title: MFAB Camping
Post by: Dave Roberts on June 15, 2010, 03:33:10 PM
Several people on Mudcat have started to ask about Car Parking and Camping. I'm wondering if anyone from the festival committee can help out by going to



Dave Roberts

Title: Re: MFAB Camping
Post by: Gadge on June 15, 2010, 04:21:39 PM
Thanks for the questions Dave but I, for one, have absolutely no interest in posting on Mudcat! Why can't those people use this forum? After all, that's what it's here for and, in response to the comments about lack of activity or replies in the past, that's fair criticism except there's been so little incoming traffic there's no incentive to keep checking. I now receive system notifications when new messages are posted ...

So to answer the two questions posed:
  • Car parking behind the Civic Hall on Saturday evening? I've been advised that this is a definite no-no unless you're a performer or somesuch that needs specific access to that restricted area. It was suggested that opposite Civic Way, on or nearby the Salinae site, might be a possibility for parking.
  • Sports Hall camping? Reserved for artistes/performers and disabled visitors only, otherwise it's Sutton Lane for all others. AFAIK it's been that way for the past few years at least.

Hope this helps?

Sorry I won't be there to see you this year as have gigging duties elsewhere have fun though!

Title: Re: MFAB Camping
Post by: Dave Roberts on June 15, 2010, 07:14:29 PM

Thanks for that but, if you have no interest in posting information to the Mudcat site, how are we to get the desired information to the people who are asking, given that I am not allowed to cut and paste said information for 'copyright' reasons?
Don't worry - I'll take the trouble to do it myself without 'infringing your copyright'
As for why Mudcat people 'won't use this forum' I have to say I haven't a clue. I've certainly posted the link often enough.
Perhaps they've followed that link and realised that, apart from myself and Mr Happy, no one can be bothered posting to this site, so their views won't be listened to?
But I'm firmly of the opinion that you, and MFAB, are missing a great opportunity by not engaging with the Mudcat Cafe site. The people who post there are the very people that
MFAB is (or should be) trying to reach.
What you should be asking is: Why won't anyone else use this forum? Why, above all, won't the MFAB committee use this forum, despite Tim Turner's stated good intentions?
The lack of activity on this site is not your fault. I recognise that. But it sure as hell ain't my fault -your problem is with the  MFAB committee. By staying away from  their 'own' forum they've missed a golden opportunity to connect with the people they are hoping to reach.
This is my last posting to the MFAB site. I have done my best to help to promote the Folk and Boat Festival, and I sincerely hope that this has been appreciated. Far from being a 'provocateur' I have done my best to help the festival. If this has been misconstrued, then I'm very sorry, Bye,

Title: Re: MFAB Camping
Post by: Gadge on June 15, 2010, 09:38:07 PM
Dave, my earlier request for not cutting'n'pasting was really in relation to the articles and archives on the main part of the website and not in relation to my personal statements made here in open forum I'm sorry that wasn't clear ...

And my personal dislike of Mudcat goes way back, has nothing to do with MFAB and the ongoing discussion there, or any other that has related to MFAB my snub is definitely not directed at you or indeed anyone else who posts there with openness about their identity etc. However, I consider the place has suffered an excess of trolls for many years and anyone is fair game for being baited, whether they deserve it or not! Sorry for the rant (which I would prefer not to be broadcast on Mudcat)!  #-o

I am unable to speak for the MFAB Committee members who are not regulars here, but now (this week), particularly, is not a time when they have a spare moment as I'm certain you appreciate? There wasn't a committee request for a forum to be included when I took over and, apart from an odd message here and there, their willingness to participate has been low I think it's safe to presume that their willingness to post on Mudcat is much less, because they seem to be the sort that never use forums of any description (y'know, like Marmite haters)!

Despite their continuing absence Dave, I am certain they appreciate your efforts in promoting interest in the festival and I'm sorry you now feel it's not worth posting here. As for whether you were being provocative or not I think I said in the beginning of the Fringe discussions it wasn't obvious to me but I forgot to tell you afterwards that I thought you had not been sorry about that!

Title: Re: MFAB Camping
Post by: Dave Roberts on June 18, 2010, 09:32:30 PM
Hi Gadge,

I do see what you mean about the Mudcat. Many people have the same opinion, I know. I suppose it's a matter of each to his own. It does attract a lot of trolls, but I think that's largely because it's been going so long and so many people know about it.
Inveterate Mudcatters are like smokers and drinkers - we know it's bad for us, but we keep on doing it.
For what it's worth, one of the last things I did on the thread in question was to leap to your defence after a bit of  typical Mudcat-type criticism. I honestly didn't realise until recently that you weren't actually part of MFAB's organisation. My fault for jumping to conclusions. Liz Rosenfield and 'Mo The Caller' also hastened to  defend you too, which is nice.
Thanks for the explanation about the forum which, again, I wasn't aware of. I was imagining, in my ignorance, that the MFAB committee  were deliberately ignoring it and missing a great chance to promote the festival. I suppose that all this misunderstanding has to be regarded as a major 'communications breakdown' , largely caused by my (slightly manic)  over-enthusiasm in trying to help with publicising the festival in its twentieth year.
Whatever, I thank you for your patience and forbearance.