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Winter Warmer beats the cold

Well, it's been and gone, and if you missed it you'll have to wait until the main Festival to have as much fun.

The Winter Warmer weekend at the Boar's Head on November 17 and 18 was a great success, and raised almost £200 towards the funds - enough for a couple of workshops at least.

Friday night saw old favourite (I think we can call him that now) Dom Collins and Stoke-based trio Queensberry Rules - new to us - scoring great hits in their individual ways; Saturday was almost a glut of entertainment with Thom Kirkpatrick and Jo Godfrey, Better Late, Tom Doughty and Elbow Jane - another new-to-us group who asked to come along and proved well worth having. You'll be able to see all these artists and many more at the Festival, but you'll probably have to pay more than the £5 a night it cost here.

Our thanks go to all the artists, who provided their services free of charge (and the bar bill wasn't too bad either) and gave us two unforgettable evenings of first-class musical entertainment. And Saturday was more than an evening - it developed into a session that went on till about 3am! Bet you're sorry you missed it.