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MFAB Archive 2005 - 2010

June 2011 saw the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival run for the first time in its 21-year history, by the Middlewich Town Council, instead of a team of unpaid volunteers.

Unfortunately for me, my tenure of the MFAB website ceased in November 2010, more-or-less simultaneously with the remaining members of the MFAB Directors and Committee resigning. The Middlewich Town Council didn't give me an opportunity to continue hosting this resource and they never even asked if they could use the existing databases or the archived information that existed from when I began hosting it in 2006. Their replacement website may still be found at http://www.midfest.org.uk

It seems a particular shame that this resource should just be discarded so I decided to resurrect it on one of my own domains – whether it will serve any purpose to anyone remains to be seen! I don't intend to promote its presence to the search engines in order to gain any rankings so it may be some time before it is found by anyone (if at all), but I reckon that the first registration attempt, or comment made, or forum posting is likely to come from a spammer (such is the state of the Internet nowadays)! We will see ...