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The Earl of Stamford Morris The Earl of Stamford Morris was formed in 1982 and was named after the Earl of Stamford and Warrington.
The Lancashire Wallopers The Lancashire Wallopers clog step team was born out of the teaching of the legendary Sam Sherry ...
Mind The Step Mind the Step was formed in 1990 by a group of dancers wanting to “do something different” and they have been performing their unique style of Appalachian dance at venues all around the country since then!
Shuttlers' Clog Shuttlers' Clog perform traditional clog and broom dances to the music of the fiddle, guitar and whistle ...
Rivington Morris Rivington Morris are based in Bolton, Lancashire and celebrated their 30th anniversary a couple of years ago.
Stockport Morris Men Just look at this lot! A team dancing Morris in the North-West Processional style ...
Stone The Crows Based in Leyland, Lancashire, and with over twenty-five members ...
Fidlers Fancy The original Fidlers team was founded in the late 1880’s by a Stockport fish merchant, Charles Burgess Fidler, to provide recreation and entertainment for Stopfordians and collect money for local charities.
Bradshaw Mummers Last sighted at a Middlewich Festival eight years ago, the Bradshaw Mummers have sneaked back ...
Jockey Men's Morris The Jockey Morris Men have been active in Birmingham since their formation in 1949.
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Stockport Morris Men


Just look at this lot! A team dancing Morris in the North-West Processional style ...

When the side reformed in 1984 the main membership comprised Dads whose offspring were enjoying themselves too much in the guise of "The Fosbrooks". They practice in the Offerton area of Stockport, Cheshire. The side travels a lot for one day and full weekend events such as village celebrations, folk festivals and period themed events (Victorian fairs). The weekend events usually include camping with grilled food and bottles of "lubricant" when not dancing alongside other invited Morris sides during the day.

A Potted History of Stockport Morris
"In October 1885 there were several morris dancers at Northenden, then Cheshire now south Manchester. They had light coloured trousers tied with ribbons at the knees, white shirt sleeves, straw hats trimmed with ribbons and artificial flowers. The music was made by triangle, fifes and drums.

imagesOn the 21st September 1889, being Stockport Wakes ( industrial holidays ) a band of morris dancers perambulated the streets in the evening dressed in white stockings, knee breeches,white shirts trimmed with ribbons and small caps. They were preceded by a good band of music playing dance tunes, in front which was a lusty man plying a big whip. In the rear was "old sooty face" with a well patronised collecting box. The following Monday they paraded Edgeley preceded by a lorry decorated with arches and carrying a number of little girls prettily dressed.

imagesAt the Wakes in 1890 a troop of morris dancers were habited in black jockey caps, white shirts, black knee breeches, blue sashes, white stockings and black shoes. Instead of handkerchiefs they had thick white cords tied to the wrist and knotted at the end. "

These reports were from original archive material