Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival 2010
Stalls & Stewards

Stalls at MFAB2010 — On the main festival site there will be a popular craft and trade market, as well as an area for food concessions. In addition to the main site there is the Salinae, which hosts a trading and demonstration site, canal-side.

After some excellent advice and support during the 2006 Festival, we altered the look of the stalls area in the main field for 2007/8/9 and it worked really well. So these alterations will continue as follows:

  • To have one main block of professional traders as opposed to several smaller blocks.
  • Charity stalls will be located around the outside edge of the grass.
  • We will again make an effort to reduce the duplication of wares offered by traders at the Festival where possible i.e. there will not be several traders selling similar items and there will be a wider choice because of this;
  • Subject to pre-booking the space, we will be permitting traders to park caravans and vans in the centre of the trading area.
As a result of those changes last year, we will continue to use the same application policy so if you are interested in booking a stall for this year's festival please begin by completing the online STALLS APPLICATION FORM. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis as well as by type of trader and wares offered — this policy will also mean that no payments will be requested until successful applicants return their contractual documentation.

Stewards at MFAB2010 — Volunteer to be a Steward ...

Regular festival goers will know the importance of stewards. They help to ensure that everyone has a wonderful time, safely ...

If you have been a steward for MFAB before, we are grateful for your help in previous years and would love to welcome you back. If you have not worked with us before, please consider joining our team of experienced stewards who undertake tasks such as venue management. We need people who are reliable, assertive and enjoy working as part of a committed team.

In return for your time and effort, if you work an agreed time slot on a particular day you will get free entry to other events taking place on the same day, plus free camping and a free programme.

The links below will take you to the stewards' application form. Please read the terms and conditions which should answer any questions you may have. If you still have questions feel free to email us stewards@midfest.org.

Stewards' Form


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